About us

3.ZERO is a Digital + Branding Studio that develops a fluid pathway between technology, personal relationships, and brand communications.

Our web-based solutions deliver purpose-driven entertainment and authentic storytelling for your products and brands through consolidating dynamic social content and an emphasis on user engagement.

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How we work

Projects are more than just development.

We kickoff each project with an in-depth discovery phase that gets to the heart of your goals and the best solution to meet those goals. Discovery is followed by content creation and design phases, where our experience in the digital space is a great resource in defining content and presentation that works for the web. And after development and release, we will be with you through the excitement of go-live, ensuring that everything is a success.

On our mind

The founders of the Tread Project, a program designed to engage high school students through footwear design, offer advice on launching an education initiative....

Content created with Edge is designed to work on modern browsers including those on Android, BlackBerry, Playbook, iOS, HP webOS, and other smartphone mobile...

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Do you need a partner to help strengthen your digital presence? Do you need a partner to help develop your brand identity? Do you need a partner to help expand your retail business?

Call us at 312.890.3684 or email us at connect@3pointzero.org. Let's explore the possibilities together.

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